Student Feedback

"The ESOL reading instructors are experienced and caring and they have helped me a lot in passing TASP (Texas Academic Skills Program) and in preparing for college work."

"When I think back to my ESOL reading courses I think the courses were tough and sometimes even harder than my college courses. I appreciate the training I got in ESOL reading as it has really helped me in being a better student in college courses."

"When I took ESOL reading courses I felt I was wasting time as I really wanted to start with my major and felt ESOL reading was not something I wanted to do. Today I am grateful I took those reading courses as they have helped me to read faster, and be more efficient in my studying and learning. Today, when I read a chapter in my college textbook I remember to preview, skim and scan for ideas. I am also able to pick out the main ideas and key ideas quickly. My advice to other students is "enjoy your reading courses and take advantage of this time to learn as much as you can as you will use these reading skills in college courses!."

"I find my ESOL reading courses helpful especially for the study skills that help me to be organized in my learning. The test taking strategies that I have learned in taking the PTT (Pre TASP Test) like "the process of elimination" have helped me a good deal in my college work. I try to remember to do summaries or outlines after every chapter and this has helped me in reviewing the chapter and in studying for a test or exam."

"The thing I like best in my ESOL reading classes is that the instructors teach us how to analyze ideas and think critically. This is new to me because in my native country we study things by memorizing. I now enjoy questioning things and looking at ideas at a deeper level. I also like to apply my knowledge in a practical way. All this I have learned in ESOL reading and I am happy because I know it helps me a lot in my college work."

"I enjoy reading today especially good fiction and I never thought I would! The book reports in my ESOL reading courses gave me the opportunity to read good story books and now when I have the time and want to relax I try to find a good story book in English to read. As a result, my reading skills have improved and I have learned new vocabulary and have learned to guess vocabulary words. At one time I felt I couldn't do this as I had to know the meaning of every word and had to check with a dictionary. Today I know better that if I concentrate on the ideas and the story I will know the words too by guessing their meanings from the context of the story.

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