Emeritus Program

The Presbyterian Village North Series

Presbyterian Village North
8600 Skyline Drive, Dallas
(Just off Forest Lane,
one mile east of Central Expressway)
(214) 355-9001
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Presentations are on the second Monday, 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. Call 214-355-9001 for directions. Presentations are free and open to the public.

We are delighted to join with the Emeritus Program of Richland College in this wonderful learning adventure. The series complements the Village’s commitment to foster the overall well-being of individuals through sincere, respectful relationships, diverse life-enriching opportunities and encouragement of individuals to develop and share their talents

September 8 - "Samuel Goldwyn and MGM"
Who doesn’t love the movies? We will look at one of the legendary studios – Metro Goldwyn Mayer – and its helmsman, Sam Goldwyn. Born in Poland, he came to America to make his fortune, and the rest is Hollywood history. Not only did Goldwyn make great movies, his studio made great movie stars. Even his failures were spectacular. This up-close-and-personal look at MGM and Goldwyn will entertain you, even without the popcorn.
Presenter: Gayle Ross, master storyteller

October 13 - Beethoven's Mighty Tempest Sonata - When Beethoven was asked what this sublime piece of music is about, his answer was very strange: he said, "go read Shakespeare's The Tempest." Beethoven and Shakespeare? Yes, that's right! Come learn this great story!
Presenter: Steve Lund, retired Academic Dean of Dallas

November 10 - "God Bless America" - Our Founding Fathers planned a good life for us. Let's look at some of the fun enjoyed in America in spite of the tragedies of war.
Fun America, by Douglas Brode is suggested reading
Veteran's Day - November 11th
Presenter: Rose-Mary Rumbley, teacher, author, lecturer

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