Presentations, Papers and Articles

Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association
2010 Developmental Writing Course Redesign: A Systems Approach to Student Writing Success
2010 The Global Village Playground: A Qualitative Case Study of Designing an Alternate Reality Game as a Capstone Learning Experience
New Directions in Institutional Research, Vol. 143 Fall 2009
Increasing Demands and Changing Institutional Research Roles: How Technology Can Help
Quest for Excellence Conference
Quest XXI - 2009
Texas Association for Institutional Research
2009 Creating Institutional Buy-In to the Credit Program/Discipline Review
State Quality Award Conference
How to Start Your Baldrige Journey - Alabama 2008
Association for Institutional Research Annual Forum
2008 Using Baldrige Discipline to Improve Through Benchmarking and Environmental Scanning
2008 Using Baldrige Discipline to Build a Culture of Continuous Improvement
2008 From Vision to Outcomes: Building a Comprehensive Continuous Improvement System for High Performance
Journal of Applied Research in the Community College
What Goes Around Comes Around: Using the Malcolm Baldrige Education Criteria for Performance Excellence
Baldrige Regional Conferences
2008 Baldrige Regional - Denver
Southern Association for Institutional Research Conference
2009 A Mixed Methods Approach to Assessing the Effectiveness of General Education Programs
2008 Using Baldrige Discipline to Build a Culture of Continuous Improvement
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