STATWAY™ (the Statistics Pathway) is structured especially to serve students planning to transfer and continue further studies in liberal arts, humanities, or social sciences OR for those wanting to obtain their Associate of Arts degree. It will get students "to-and-through" developmental mathematics and transferable college-level statistics in 2 semesters and there is no cost for textbooks and online courseware.

STATWAY™ is focused on statistics, data analysis and quantitative reasoning. These mathematics skills are essential for a growing number of occupations and professions, and are those needed for making decisions under conditions of uncertainty, an inescapable condition of modern life. This is the mathematics that will help students understand the world around them and it is the mathematics they can use right now. STATWAY™ is designed as a required "one-year pathway" that culminates in college-level statistics. The year-long experience will concentrate on statistical content with requisite arithmetic and algebraic concepts taught and applied in the context of statistics. STATWAY™ is structured especially to serve students planning to transfer and continue further studies in liberal arts, humanities or social sciences.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Want to complete your DMAT and MATH requirements in ONLY 2 semesters?
Richland College is offering a combined "two-semester" developmental mathematics and statistics course sequence. This statistics course is a transferable college credit course. The course satisfies the statistics mathematics requirements for humanities, liberal arts or social science majors. This course is not a good choice for students who want to be doctors, scientists, engineers, nurses, mathematicians, business majors or teachers.

What is the developmental math and statistics course sequence?
It is a required "two-semester" (Fall 2013-Spring 2014) course which will move developmental mathematics students "to-and-through" transferable college statistics in one year. You will take statistics during both semesters but at the same time cover algebraic concepts needed for the statistics course. At the end of the second semester you will have completed your college-level statistics requirement, MATH 2342.

Who should consider this course?
Designed for students planning to transfer to a four year institution and major in liberal arts, humanities or social sciences or plan on completing an Associate of Arts degree. Note: This is NOT for science, math, engineering, technology, business, allied health, or any major requiring a specific math course other than statistics.

What are the pre-requisites for this course?
Students must be in either DMAT 0091/0097/0098 in Fall 2013 and ONE of the following must be met: (1) DREA 0093; (2) English as a Second Language (ESOL) 0044; or (3) have met Texas Success Initiative (TSI) standard in Reading.

How do I register for this course?
To register for this class you MUST see one of the following STATWAY™ Advisors in Thunderduck Hall: Neal Abramson, Annette Douglas, or Stephen Levine OR Thales Georgiou in C-243 or email at Seats are limited, act now!

When will the STATWAY™ classes be offered in Fall 2013?

MWF 9:50 AM - 11:05 AM Room: TBA Browne, E.
MWF 10:55 AM - 12:10 PM Room: TBA Darabadey, S.
TR 9:30 AM - 11:25 AM Room: TBA Manzano, Y.
Traditional Pathway STATWAY™ Pathway
DMAT 0097 (1 semester) Statway I (1 semester)
DMAT 0098 (1 semester) Statway II (1 semester)
DMAT 0099 (1 semester) 
Statistics (1 semester)
4 semesters 2 semesters

STATWAY™ has been developed in collaboration with the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, the Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas at Austin, and the STATWAY™ Collaboratory. (Richland College is a founding member.)

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