Council for Teaching and Learning

2008 - 2009 Members

Ricardo Azpiroz Fac – Math, Science & Health Professions
Cindy Berry Adm -- Academic Advising
Connie Childress Fac – Adjunct
Dan Dao Fac -- Business, Information, & Technology
Kristine Danowski Fac – Adjunct
Mary Darin Adm --Human & Academic Development
Ambronita Douzart Fac – Humanities, Fine and Performing Arts (Incoming)
Gary Duke Adm -- Library
Matt Hinckley Adm -- Human & Academic Development (Chair)
Brian Fleming Fac -- Engineering & Technology
Judy Guerra Adm--Continuing Education
Becky Jones Adm --Business Office Systems & Support
Wilfred Manyango PSS – Student Programs and Resources
Bill Matter Fac -- Honors/LC/WLCC (Co-Chair)
Ben Parlapiano Stu – Emeritus Program
Mary Peacock PSS/Instr -- WLCC
Ruth Snoddy Stu—Emeritus Program
Joe Tinnin Fac – Ethnic Studies, Social Science & PE
Ex Officio Members:
Zarina Blankenbaker Associate VP for Teaching & Learning
Jean Conway Vice-President for Teaching & Learning
Nancy Kammerer ThunderWater Organizational Learning Institute (TOLI)


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