Council for Teaching and Learning

2005 - 2006 Members

Zarina Blankenbaker Adjunct Faculty Office
Dwayne Carter Multimedia
Mary Darin Human & Academic Development
Young Eui Choi World Languages
Gary Duke Learning Resource Center
Brian Fleming Engineering/Technology
Claudia Goodson Educational Transitions
Becky Jones Office Comp Tech & Support
Kimberly Lester-Booker CE/Workforce Training
Chuck Lundin Adjunct Faculty Rep
Bill Matter WLCC/Honors/LC
Mike Miles Physical Education
Zennah Nguyen Program Dev/Tech Education
Joe Perea Humanities
Keome Rowe Student Rep
Luci Sampler Emeritus Program Rep
Melinda Weaver Corporate Services/CE
Ex Officio Members:
Jean Conway Vice President for Teaching & Learning
Roy Bond Associate Dean of Organizational & Staff Development


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