Council for Teaching and Learning

Audra Barrett

Audra Barrett

World Languages, Cultures, and Communications Division

Using Technology to Teach ESOL Writing and Grammar
Fall 2006

Audra Barrett has created and developed an innovative on-line support system through eCampus for ESOL writing and grammar students. She motivates and engages students by introducing writing lessons in the form of modules that incorporate the use of a computer in class and out of class. Students not only learn the process of writing, but also create PowerPoint presentations, websites, and work with various search engines. Audra's students learn computer skills at their own pace as the class unfolds, and her patience and encouragement ease students into the process of learning language and writing skills through a computer. In addition, her studies in CALL (Computerized Language Learning) help her to recognize different learning skills, and she believes using computers in the class "stimulates tactile, visual, and auditory learners."

Audra's students are always active in the classroom either in groups working with PowerPoint or working independently with Word to revise a paper. She uses cooperative learning techniques and builds community using various on-line sources and eCampus' virtual classroom. Furthermore, even when out of the classroom setting, her students practice their writing and grammar skills through email exchanges.

By constantly surveying both instructors and students who utilize the computerized classroom, she continues to revise and develop CALL. Through teacher training on both computers and eCampus, she strives to keep instructors up-to-date on current practices. Students of the 21st century grow up in a rapid, faced-paced environment full of stimulation and technological gadgets. Because she keeps up with current learning trends and engages students by using technology, Audra Barrett insures her students will not only be successful writers, but confident cyber-citizens.

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