Council for Teaching and Learning

Article - Fall 2002

Members of The Council for Teaching and Learning have conducted meetings this in the Fall of 2002 to define the Council's purpose, its goals, and activities.

The Mission of the Council for Teaching and Learning is to support and enrich the learning cultures, climates, and contexts throughout Richland College.

The Council for Teaching and Learning

  • Functions as a forum to promote excellent teaching and learning practices;
  • Recommends enhancements to the teaching and learning environments; and
  • Creates and nurtures links between all those who support the teaching and learning process.

Members of the Richland College community are invited to attend the Council meetings and take an active role in the work of the Council. You may also contact any member of the Council for Teaching and Learning for input or information.

This year the Council will be recommending the design, function, and naming of the new "Center for Teaching and Learning," to be housed in a renovated E076 once post-Thunderduck Hall occupancy renovations are complete, including discussions with interested Richlanders throughout the campus.

In addition, we will be assisting in getting a high participation rate in completing the Campus Quality Survey to be administered in early November. In January we will plan to have volunteers to help students find their classrooms, anticipating that Thunderduck Hall might not be ready for the beginning of classes next semester.

Members of the Council for Teaching and Learning are

Fillis Anthony-Hughes Program Administrator Corporate Services/CE
Delfina Bedarte Instructional Associate World Languages
Mike Bell Faculty Math/Sciences/Behavioral Sciences
Zarina Blankenbaker Faculty World Languages
Barbara Burns Adjunct Faculty/Academic Advisor Humanities/Advising
Rudy Carrillo Faculty Authorized Computing Technology
Jean Conway Executive Dean World Languages, Cultures, Communications
Joe Cortina Faculty Human and Academic Development
Stacey Emery Instructional Associate Math/Science/Behavioral Sciences
Adam Kaiser Student Student Government Association
Ben Koh Student PTK
Gwen May Faculty Business and Professions
John Millemon Instructional Associate Human and Academic Development
Dwight Riley Program Administrator Business and Professions
Aran Sakzenian Student Rising Star
Karen Stanland Executive Secretary Math/Science/Behavioral Sciences
Curtis Thomas Faculty Humanities
Melinda Weaver Associate Dean Corporate Services/CE
Richard Wills Student Emeritus
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