For Mental Health Emergencies

Off Campus: The Counseling staff does NOT provide 24-hour coverage. If you are experiencing an actual mental health emergency and need immediate assistance call:
  1. 911
  2. (972)233-2233 to reach the "Contact Dallas Counseling and Crisis 24 Hour Hotline"
  3. (214)828-1000 to reach the "Suicide and Crisis Hotline"
On Campus during operational hours:
  1. Go to the Center in E082 El Paso Hallway (972-238-3771) and the receptionist will connect you with a counselor or to the Health Center in T-110 (972-238-6135)
  2. Speak to a Richland College employee and ask them to call a crisis counselor.
  3. Use the emergency call boxes located in each hallway to call College Police at 6911 or by cell phone at (972) 860-4290.
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