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Linux/UNIX Systems Administration Training

The UNIX operating system has become a predominant leader in both academic and industrial computing environments, appearing everywhere from desktops to servers. Considered the backbone for 80% of today's websites, UNIX is recognized as the platform of choice because of its versatility and ability to work across platforms. The demand for skilled UNIX System Administrators has grown proportionally with the increase in the number of systems and sophistication of networks. System Administrators typically implement, maintain and manage complex networks.

Length of Training

Students attending evening and/or weekend classes can expect to complete the program in a
minimum of two semesters.

Suggested Prep Courses:

  • Keyboarding I on the PC
  • Computer Basics & Windows
  • Basics of Programming (for Programming in C)

This program currently consists of four concurrent classes:

Rubric Courses Hours
ITSC 1016 Linux Install & Configuration: ITSC 1416 128
ITSC 1003 Shell Programming: ITSC 1442    128
ITSC 2037 UNIX System Admin I: ITSC 1458 128
ITSC 2037 Unix System Admin II: ITSC 1458 128

Textbook and Flash drive required for all classes.
Classes will vary by semester

More Information

Please contact Judy:
972-238-6069 or

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