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Sun Solaris™ Systems Administrator

Sun Microsystems LogoThe Solaris™ Operating Environment is the foundation on which some of the world's leading companies are built. Offering high levels of reliability, availability, security, and scalability, Solaris systems meet today's demands while anticipating tomorrow's innovation.

Sun's Solaris 8 Operating Environment certification tests are rigorous and include real-world scenarios - and prepare you to stand up to today's challenging systems issues.

And, like all other certifications from Sun, they can exponentially expand your professional opportunities.

Program Admission and Prerequisites

  • Keyboarding I
  • Computer Essentials I
  • Basic Networks Knowledge

Part I

Rubric Core Coursework Hours
ITSC 1007 Fundamentals of Solaris: SA-100501 112
ITSC 1021 Solaris System Administration I: SA-200510 112
Total Coursework for Part I 224

Part II

Rubric Core Coursework Hours
ITSZ 1000 Solaris System Administration II: SA-200510 112
ITSC 1091 Solaris Shell Programing: SL-120 112
Total Coursework 224

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