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Every company in literally every industry needs highly motivated knowledge-based managers in order to help achieve organizational goals. Whether you're a seasoned manager, a new manager, or simply would like to become a manager, this certificate can help you achieve your career goals and enhance your leadership and management skills. Our online management classes can assist you in developing real-world practical skills which have immediate applicability in any work environment You will learn cutting-edge management skills, concepts, and strategies that will help you to:

  • Lead others with excellence
  • Proactively resolve conflicts
  • Select and retain the best employees
  • Build high performing collaborative work teams
  • Effectively manage others in a global economy
  • Develop short term, moderate, and long term plans
  • Effectively solve problems and make wise strategic decisions
  • Apply emotional intelligence strategies that will help develop confident, highly productive employees
  • Effectively manage diverse, multi-generational work groups
  • Use communication strategies that inspire and motivate others
  • Effectively manage change and minimize employee resistance
  • Improve employee performance with feedback, rewards, and positive reinforcement
Rubric Core Coursework Hours
BMGT 1301 Supervision 48
HRPO 2301 Human Resources Management 48
HRPO 2307 Organizational Behavior 48
BMGT 2303 Problem Solving 48
Total Hours 192

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