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Manufacturing Technology for Precision Machinist

According to recent surveys, manufacturers report that they face a serious shortage of qualified job applicants in the industry. The “baby boomer” generation of skilled workers will retire within the next 10-20 years creating the need of a “more skill worker” by 2020. What was considered dangerous and dirty, labor-intensive jobs are being replaced by robotics and intelligent systems requiring high-tech skills.

Today’s machinist must be highly trained with specific education backgrounds and skills. Workers of today must have a background in math, science, and technological aptitude needed in manufacturing today. With the introduction of CNC tools, the work of a machinist has changed. A machinist must be computer literate and understand basic electronics and physics.

Training is continuous. This program begins with the preparation of entry level workers for skilled manufacturing positions. It is later linked with college-level courses for those looking for higher positions in industry, Employees at all levels must have the skills to deal with the technology of today’s environment.

Length of Training

This 320 hour certificate program features lecture, hands-on instruction, demonstration, and practical applications using industry standards as a model. Students can expect to complete the program in a minimum of two semesters by taking evening and weekend classes.

Rubric Courses Hours
MCHN 1091 Introduction to Manufacturing/Machine Shop Fundamentals 32
DFTG 1022 Blue Print Reading 32
MCHN 1043 Shop Math 32
MCHN 1023 Basic Mill 64
MCHN 2008 Basic Lathe 64
QCTC 1091 Metrology 32
MCNH 1035 Grinding and Drill Press 64
Total Hours 320

Textbook and Flash drive required for all classes.
Classes will vary by semester

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