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Institutional Pharmacy Technician

Information Packet & Application (Pharmacy Tech App)

Career Overview

Institutional Pharmacy Technicians work in hospital or institutional pharmacies, under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist.  They perform duties such as processing medication orders, filing and maintaining unit dose carts or automated dispensing machines, inventory management, distributing medications and compounding non-sterile and sterile medications.  Richland College’s program is the only ASHP Accredited program in North Central Texas!

Length & Cost of Training

The program consists of 480 contact hours of classroom and laboratory instruction, with a 128-hour retain externship and a 144-hour supervised practicum (in a hospital setting).  Full-time student can complete the program in two to three semesters; part-time students may require three to four semesters for program completion.

Tuition is approximately $3510 (which includes the Community Pharmacy Technician course tuition). Additional out of pocket expenses may include textbooks, a lab coat or technician jacket, liability insurance (included with externship course tuition), cost of any required immunizations, fingerprinting, criminal background checks and drug screens along with fees associated with Texas State Board licensing and national certification exam application.


The Institutional Pharmacy Technician Program is accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP).  To work as a pharmacy technician in the state of Texas, all pharmacy technicians are required to pass the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board examination and register for a license issued by Texas State Board of Pharmacy.  Convicted felons may be ineligible.


  • High school diploma or High School Senior or GED (diplomas from outside the U.S. are permissible)
  • Documentation or assessment of computer skills Windows, MS Office, documentation r assessment of college entry-level academic skills in reading, writing and math.
  • Completed application packet
  • Personal interview with Program Administrator

Institutional Track Courses

Community Track Courses Hours Institutional Track Courses Hours
Introduction to Pharmacy (PHRA 1001) 64 Institutional Pharmacy Practice (PHRA 1049) 64
Community Pharmacy Practice (PHRA 1013) 64 Pharmaceutical Math II (PHRA 1047) 32
Pharmaceutical Math I (PHRA 1009) 48 Intravenous Admixture & Sterile Compounding (PHRA 1045) 80
Pharmacology for Technicians (PHRA 1005) 64 Pharmaceutical Update for Health Professionals (PHRA 1003) 16
Pharmacy Insurance and Customer Service (PHRA 1008)                16 Professionalism & Customer Service in Healthcare (HITT 1019) 32
Clinical: Pharmacy Technician/ Assistant (PHRA 1060) 128 Practicum: Pharmacy Technician/Assistant (PHRA 1066) 144
Total 384 Total 368
Community & Institutional Combined Total Contact Hours 752
*Course offerings vary by semester

Practicum Requirements

Practicum Requirements: liability insurance, TSBP trainee registration, CPR certification, TB test, submissions of completed health evaluation form, favorable results from criminal background check and drug screen.

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