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Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Traditional advertising is still delivered on the radio, television, newspaper and magazines. However, in todayís market, more and more businesses are finding that the internet is the NEW way to deliver their marketing to the consumer and itís Faster. This includes marketing by email, search engine, social media and many more.

This certificate program is designed for you - the small business owner, the web developer, the designer who is looking for skills and knowledge to enter into this new marketing arena. Depending on experience, a student can complete classes in one to three semesters.

Prerequisites: Technical Writing I


Rubric Coursework Hours
ETWR 1043 Technical Writing II 24
BMGT 1017 Persuasive Writing and Sales 16
ARTV 1039 Story Boarding 24
ITNW 1050 Creating A Blog 32
BMGT 1053 Business Ethics in Blogging 20
ITSE 2002 Microsoft Silverlight Applications 30
GRPH 1096 Introduction to Word Press 20
BMGT 1053 Business Ethics in Blogging 20
MRKG 1032 Principles of Marketing 24
ITNW 1091 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 30
MRKG 2048 Competitive Marketing using Google Analytic 24
Total Hours for Computer Coursework 294

Other courses offered this fall under programming: Joomla for Web Development; Drupal for Web.

There will be optional related courses, workshops scheduled throughout the year look for them on our website

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