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Web Developer

Job Description

Web designers work in concert with a team to bring websites to life by implementing dynamic visual content. Using effective design and purposeful navigation, Web Developers are expected to deliver fresh and exciting content to a growing audience. As the Web increasingly becomes an environment for entertainment and interactivity, Web Developers must meet today's demands.


This program features hands-on training that is project-oriented to give the students the skills needed for immediate application. Students can expect to complete the program in a minimum of two semesters by attending day, evening and/or weekend classes.

Suggested Prep Courses:

  • Keyboarding on the PC
  • Computer Basics & Windows or equivalent knowledge
  • Basics of Programming (for Programming specialization)

Core Coursework

Rubric Courses Hours
IMED 1002 Web Development 40
Total Core 40

Visual Design Specialization

Rubric Coursework Hours
ITNW 1050 Dreamweaver 32
ARTC 1090 Illustrator 24
ARTC 1090 Photoshop I and II 48
Total with Visual Design 144

Programming Specialization

Rubric Coursework Hours
ITSE 1091 Javascript I and II 48
ITSE 1042 Java Programming 40
ITSE 2032 Java Programming, Advanced 40
ITSE 1042 SQL 40
Total with Programming 168

Textbook and Flash drive required for all classes.
Classes will vary by semester

More Information

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