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Computer Training for the ESL Speaker

This program features hands-on training in Computer Basics w/Internet, an Operating System, MSWord, Excel and PowerPoint. Students may continue with the Business Specialization segment which features Basic Bookkeeping and Computerized Bookkeeping classes. Students must be proficient in English or have completed Level 3 in our ESL classes for introduction classes.

Length of Training

This 112-220 hour program features hands-on training in computer and business related applications. Students can expect to complete the program in a minimum of one to two semesters.

Computer Coursework

Rubric Coursework Hours
POFT 1010 Keyboarding/Computer Basics for ESL 16
ITSC 1010 Computer Basics w/Internet  for ESL 24
POFI 1024 Business Writing with Word for ESL 24
ITSW 1022 Business Writing with Excel for ESL 24
ITSW 1037 Business Presentations with PowerPoint for ESL 24
Total Hours for Computer Coursework 112

Advanced Coursework: Students are required to have good computer knowledge, reading and writing skills and/or complete ESL Level 4

Computer Coursework

Rubric Coursework Hours
ACNT 1001 Bookkeeping I 30
ACNT 1042 Bookkeeping II 30
ACNT 1010 Quickbooks 48
Total Hours for Business Specialization 108
Total Hours Combined Computer & Business 220

Textbook and Flash drive required for all classes.
Classes will vary by semester

More Information

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