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Computer Basics

Are you looking for beginning computer classes? Not sure what to take? Check out what we offer. These courses will provide a solid foundation in computer basics or they will help you refresh or upgrade your skills.

Beginning Keyboarding  
POFT 1010 Hours: 15
For the beginnerů you can improve your computer skills by becoming more proficient and accurate on the keyboard. The course provides an introduction to the keyboard including finger placement; body posture; finger movement; and speed and accuracy building. Class includes 12 lecture/12 lab hours.
Keyboarding for Speed and Accuracy  
POFT 1010 Hours: 15
For the advancedů This course is designed for current and future professionals who need to increase keyboarding speed and accuracy. Also included is mastery of the fourth row of keys as well as the numeric keys by touch. Class includes 12 lecture/12 lab hours.
Computer Basics & Windows  
POFT 1010 Hours: 28
This interactive, hands-on course will take you on a journey of discovering computers. You will learn the essentials of the computer system, its architecture, hardware and software components such as word processing, spreadsheets making presentations, databases, files and data storage. Not sure about e-mail or attaching a document; browsing and searching the web, this course will help.

Textbook and flash drive required for all classes except Keyboarding I and II.

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