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Computer-Aided Design

Computer-aided design is a process of using a computer with a drafting software to produce drawings according to specific industry and company standards. We currently offer AutoCAD and SolidWorks. Drafters and designers use CAD to create 2-dimensional drawings and 3-dimensional models. AutoCAD tools are used for drawing objects (any size or shape), patterns, textures, and a variety of dimensioning techniques.

With the rapid infusion of design software into architecture, construction, engineering, facility management, landscape design, and multimedia many specialized career paths are now available. CAD skills are also needed to design and create programming structures, and create technical drawings and schematics to build, maintain, and manage a wide variety of structures.

SolidWorks is a parametric solid modeling program. Design 3D models of complex parts, determine the properties and create dimensioned detailed drawings using the software. Users of the software range from one-man shops to large companies.

Length of Training

This 96-168 hour certificate program features lecture, hands-on instruction, demonstration, and practical application of AutoCAD and SolidWorks using industry standards as a model. Students can expect to complete the program in a minimum of one semester by taking evening and weekend classes.

Suggested Prep Course: Introduction to Drafting/Design (basic drafting)

Basic Training

Rubric Coursework Hours
DFTG 1050 AutoCAD I 32
DFTG 2004 AutoCAD II 32
DFTG 1091 AutoCAD III (optional) 24
DFTG 2046 AutoCAD IV 32
Total Basic Training 120


Rubric Coursework Hours
DFTG 2011 SolidWorks2009, I 24
DFTG 2011 SolidWorks2009, II 24
Total Specialization 48
Total with Specialization 168
DFTG 2009 CAD for Architects 24
DFTG 2009 CAD for Architects 24

Textbook and Flash Drive required for all classes
Classes may vary by semester

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