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1098-T Educational Tax Info

Students - You now have an eConnect link named “1098-T Preview” available in your Credit Student Menu. This will show you what payment information was used to determine the amounts that appear on your 1098-T or explain why you were not given a 1098-T.

Richland's 1098-T forms for 2014 will be mailed or available online by February 2, 2015.

Richland's 1098-T service provider is ECSI. Their website is and their customer service number is 866-428-1098.

If you signed on to ECSI's website in a prior year and selected to print out your 1098-T from the website, you will not be mailed a paper copy of your 2014 1098-T. You will receive an email from ECSI informing you that your 1098-T is available to you online, ECSI asked you for two email addresses when you selected to print out your 1098-T form from the website last year. If you no longer use either email address, you will need to go to the ECSI website and update your contact information.

When a student calls ECSI or logs into ECSI's website, they are required to give our school code and a personal identification number ("PIN"). Our school code is "UG". If you received your 1098-T in the mail, your PIN number is printed on it. Otherwise you will need to call ECSI's customer service number at 866-428-1098 in order to obtain your PIN number.

Students who made out of pocket tuition payments during the 2014 calendar year WILL receive a 1098-T form if:

  • The student took credit classes during 2014 and did not receive any financial aid, which includes grants, sponsorships, scholarships, and/or waivers.
  • The student made payments in excess of the total of their financial aid.

Students who made out of pocket tuition payments during the 2014 calendar year WILL NOT receive a 1098-T form if:

  • The student’s total financial aid received for the year (including, but not limited to, grants, sponsorships, scholarships, waivers, etc.) equaled or exceeded their total credit tuition cost for the year.
  • The student was enrolled in CE (Continuing Education) classes.
  • The student has an immigration status of non-resident alien.
  • The student has not declared immigration status with the U.S. Federal Government (Noriega, etc.)
  • The student did not pay their credit tuition invoice.

If you have questions about eligibility or your 1098-T form reflects the wrong SSN or the wrong address, please contact ECSI directly at the web link or customer service number at the top of this page.

For questions regarding the dollar amounts on your 1098-T form, please contact

Other Notes:
1. Installment plan set up fees and late fees are not included on the 1098-T forms, as they are not eligible expenses for the tax credit.
2. The IRS does not require schools to issue 1098-T’s for CE (Continuing Education) coursework.
3. The form printed from ECSI’s web site is an acceptable 1098-T for filing your taxes. It includes all required information presented in the IRS regulated format.

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