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You will first need to take your math placement test called the Accuplacer. The results of your test may show that you need to take one or more refresher math courses (called Developmental Math courses) before you can take the college level math class that is required for your course of study. Normally, you would sign up for these Developmental Math courses during the regular Fall or Spring semester – they last for 16 weeks and require payment for each course. By going to Richland’s Summer Math Bridge Program, you may be able to skip a course as you will learn material to fill in the gaps of your math knowledge. After the summer bridge class is completed, you will re-take the Accuplacer test and hopefully place into the next level math course. The more math topics you complete in your bridge class, the greater your chances will be of skipping a developmental math class. Just showing up for the class does not make you skip a level of math – working hard and learning the concepts that are presented will be key to your success.

Attend class punctually and regularly. Work through your personalized study plan on the computer, asking the instructors questions to clarify the concepts presented. Keep in mind that students who complete their study plan have a greater chance of placing into a higher level math class (when retaking the Accuplacer) than students who do not. Students who miss more than 2 class meetings will NOT be allowed to take their end-of-course Accuplacer retest for free.

No, just sign up for one of the classes being offered in a session. Choose the time slot that works best for you. There will be two separate classes running during each session in order to allow a greater number of students to enroll.

Session 3 classes back up against the Fourth of July holiday. By having classes that are 2 ˝ hours long (instead of 2 hours) students in Session 3 will meet for only eight days (instead of the normal 10 days), and not have class on July 4 and July 5.

If you have not had a math course within the past few years, or feel you are not up-to-speed in math, this program is designed to help you remember how to do the math without having to take a regular semester-length class. By taking one of these two-week refresher classes, you may be able to skip a math course. That would save you the cost of tuition & books, as well as the time it would take you to complete the course in the Fall or Spring semester. Why wait?

No. However, by participating in the program and improving your results on the math placement test, you may save yourself from having to take additional Developmental Math courses, which would not count toward your program of study. This will save you time and money!

All course materials and math instruction costs are provided at absolutely no cost to you. You have to provide your own paper, pencils and possibly a calculator. The Bridge program does NOT pay for your Accuplacer testing before the course begins. The program WILL pay for the Accuplacer testing at the end of the course, provided that you do not miss more than 2 classes. If you miss more than 2 classes, you may still retake the Accuplacer, but you will have to pay the fee.

Yes. Participating in the Summer Math Bridge Program could allow you to skip a Developmental Math course – it just depends on your Accuplacer re-take at the end of the class. By taking the bridge class, you may not need to take some of the Developmental Math courses that were identified in your original math placement test score. The Summer Math Bridge class will allow you to strengthen your math skills and retake the math placement test with more confidence in an effort to improve your results.

You must be in the process of enrolling at Richland OR a current student.

Yes, if space allows. Priority will be given to students who have not taken a Summer Math Bridge class. If seats are available in a Summer Bridge class 5 days before it begins, then students who have already taken a prior Summer Bridge class may enroll in the hopes of testing out of an additional Developmental Math course, and it will still be free!

Yes, but you must first retake the Accuplacer before enrolling in a Bridge class. All registrants must have taken the Accuplacer AFTER January 1, 2013.

Send an email to Ask your question, and an answer will be emailed to you. If you prefer a phone call, give your phone number and request a call instead of an email.

Send an email to Give them your name, student ID, session you were registered for, and tell them to withdraw you from the class. Let them know as soon as possible so that there will be time to allow another student to take your place in the class.

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