Networking/Authorized Training

Student Satisfaction Survey

Personal Information
  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Does Not Apply
The course outline/syllabus serves as a worthwhile guide to the course.
The course content/material is well organized.
The course material is appropriately challenging.
The course pace was too fast.
The course pace was too slow.
This course met my goals/expectations.
The instructions for tests and assignments are clear.
The instructor uses concrete, understandable examples.
The instructor is enthusiastic.
The instructor is warm and accessible.
The instructor is courteous and considerate.
The students are encouraged to ask questions and express ideas.
The instructor is prepared for each class session.
Students are informed of grades on class tests and assignments.
I can get individual help from the instructor when I need it.
I have learned a lot from this instructor.
I would recommend this instructor to another student.
The lab environment is comfortable.
I could get assistance in the lab when needed.
The lab hours were adequate to meet my needs.
Additional Comments
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