Expanded Academic Council

Zarina Blankenbaker
Vice President for Teaching and Learning
Susan Barkley
World Languages, Cultures and Communications
Cindy Berry
Academic Advising
Ray Canham
Mathematics, Science and Health Professions
Mary Darin
Learning Enrichment and Academic Development
Kristyn Edney
Charter High School Principal
Diane Hilbert
Humanities, Fine and Performing Arts
Thales Georgiou
Instructional Dean Learning Enrichment & Academic Development
Cossette Griffiths
Special Assistant to the Vice President
Greg Gross
Technology Enhanced Learning
Lennijo Henderson
Dean of Library Services
Martha Hogan
Engineering, Business and Technology
Bonnie Hueston
Dean of Educational Transitions
Carol Kent
Adjunct Faculty Association President
Greg Thomas
Dean, Educational and Administrative Technology
Andy Tubbs
Dean ACCESS Center
Donna Walker
Associate Vice President Student Enrollment, RCHS Superintendent
Melinda Weaver
Dean of Continuing Education
Becky Witherspoon
Admissions/Student Records/Registrar's Office
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